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It’s like an adult’s version of baseball!

Grab a glove and come join the fun.

Adult Sports:

Softball (Slo-Pitch)

Great for beer leagues, little leagues, and competitive play. Softball (known as slo-pitch) is a popular take on baseball, using a low-flight ball that’s bigger than a baseball. Baserunners generally can’t take leadoffs, and most pitching is done as an arcing underhand to a minimum height.

How Does the Game Work?

Just like baseball, you’re trying to hit the ball in play, and get on base. Score runs by getting batters to home plate. The team with the most runs at the end of the innings wins.

What Do I Need To Play?

Your basic gear includes a ball, a bat, and a glove.

Most players should consider cleats, they’ll help you avoid falls as you run bases, and chase down balls.

How Can I Learn As An Adult?

Read more below!

Softball is a great game to pick up as an adult, since it’s generally low impact, and doesn’t require extended stretches of high intensity exercise.

Gear you’ll need


Softball Bat

Some bats aren’t allowed in certain leagues, since they allow hitters to hit the ball harder and further. Check your league’s rules to be sure. Dick’s Sporting Goods has some great ones here:

Ball Glove

Make sure you get something that’s sized according to your hand size. A big glove can help you in the outfield, but it’ll make fielding grounders more challenging if you’re new to the sport. Here’s a great sizing guide:


You’ve got two options to consider:

A low-flight game ball is what you’ll need to play, and they normally come in two sizes. Many leagues have a larger size for the men, and a smaller size for the women. Check the descriptions to make sure you’re buying balls that work for you!

Wolverine Sports has a number of great options:


Ball Bag

Keeping all your gear together is a huge help, especially when you’ve got 10-15 players on each team. 

Keeping a well-stocked ball bag means you’ll always be ready for a practice or game situation. 

Plus, it helps keep the shale from your cleats from getting everywhere.

Baseball Pants

Baseball pants are great for multiple reasons.

First, if you are someone who slides, they’re a must have!

But even if you don’t slide, these pants are great since they come clean so easily after being covered in shale and other ball diamond stain hazards. Check out Under Armor for their selection:

Basic Concepts

How to play

Softball has the same goal as baseball – score more runs than the opposite team. One team is on defense, and one is on offense during each half-inning. The team on defense pitches to the other team, who bats.

When you’re on offense, the goal is to hit the ball, then run to first base before the ball is thrown to the first baseman. Once you’re on base, you become a baserunner and have the opportunity to score. See baserunning below.


When you’re on defense, your pitcher throws the ball to the batter, and your goal is to get the batter out – by catching their ball while it’s in the air, or by throwing them out to a base (see rules for more info!).


Basic Concepts: How to Play


Basic Concepts: Base Running


Key Takeaways:
Round the bases!
Wait until the batter hits the ball to leave the base!

Basic Concepts: Fielding Ground Balls


Key Takeaways:

Bend your knees!

Get in front of the ball!

Take the ball early if you can, don’t wait for it to come to you!

Basic Concepts: Catching Pop Flies


Key Takeaways:
Bend your knees!
Get under the ball!
Watch the ball all the way until it’s in your glove!

core movements

Core Movements:

There are three important movements in softball. These are throwing, catching, and hitting the ball. 
It’s very important to keep your knees bent in all of these actions. 
Make sure to keep your eye on the ball when catching and hitting – you want to watch the ball all the way until it hits your bat or glove.
When it comes to throwing, be sure that your follow-through points directly to your target. 


Basic Concepts: How to Play


Core Movements: Learn to Throw

Check out this video from, with some great tips on how to throw a softball. Check our their Youtube page at:


Core Movements: Learn to Hit

Check out this video from, with some great tips on how to throw a softball. Check our their Youtube page at:


Core Movements: Learn to Catch

Check out this video from, with some great tips on how to throw a softball. Check our their Youtube page at:



At Home Practice:

 Practicing at home is the quickest way to gain skills at any sport! 
When possible, grab a partner to help you with catch and throw drills, as well as hitting drills such as soft-toss. 
For solo practice, wall ball is a great way to build hand-eye coordination, and a hitting tee will really help your ability to hit a ball.
After all, if you can’t hit a ball that isn’t moving, hitting one that is moving will be even harder!


At Home Practice: Basic Drills

Check out this video from Souther Miss Sports, with some great drills and exercises you can do at home. Check out their Youtube at:


At Home Practice: Wall Ball 


At Home Practice: Throwing


How to Warm Up for Softball:

Warming up properly helps avoid injuries.

Softball, even though it is generally casual in nature, can be a major injury sport due to its stop and start nature.

Use these exercises to warm up before a game, and don’t forget to stretch when you get home!


Warm Ups: Toe Touches


Warm Ups: Lunges


Dynamic 5 Minute Warm Up


This video from Anabolic Aliens does a great job of getting you a full body warm-up within 5 minutes – they even run the timer!



Fitness and Strength for Softball:

Softball revolves around a few core movements that you can work on to improve your performance.
First off, you’ll want to work on your running.
Running is key to baserunning (obvious, we know!) and fielding equally. 
Secondly, basic strength exercises such as lunges, overhead press, flies, squats and flexibility work are all very helpful in the sport.


Exercises: Squats


Exercises: Lunges